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on Aug/23/2010 at 09:20

Thanks Frank !
on Aug/22/2010 at 18:45

Ray, that was Englewood knitting mills.
on Aug/21/2010 at 15:54

Hello. I enjoyed reading all the entries. Like many of you, I have fond memories of growing up in Roseland. I grew up kitty corner from the People's Store above Hufnagel's Bakery on the corner of 118th and Michigan Avenue. All my "school clothes" came from Gateley's. And I recall fondly how they used to flood the playground with water to freeze over in the winter in the Scanlan playlot. We'd skate there every night and take refuge in the field house on cold nights. Do you remember the elaborate Halloween events at the school? I recall the tiny shed in the school yard where they'd make you feel like peeled grapes. Terrifying! Or the cake walks in the Kindergarten classrooms. And, I loved the pool in the basement of Scanlan or singing Christmas carols in the hallways. It was so lovely listening to the tiny voices echoing between the floors. Best wishes to fellow former Roseland neighbors.
on Aug/21/2010 at 07:42

I never really knew where the north side of Roseland started . LOL But i considered everything north of 111th an michigan the north side . As a little boy I lived on the east side on 113th an ave m. My mom an gramma used to take me to roseland to see my cousin an I used to take the bus ( How many people remember stick shift buses ) to 103rd an michigan an transfer onto the Green Hornet streetcar . The Green Hornet would go south through Roseland an turn west at 119th street . We used to wait for another bus to take us to 123rd an michigan where we got off . Back then I think it took about an hour an a half to make the trip . Back then the worst thing that could happen is we would miss the bus or streetcar LOL .
Messages : 701 to 709
Page : 78
Number of messages : 1710