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on Nov/09/2010 at 16:09

Started my life at 110th and State, but my parents moved to 100 West 104th Street (Perry Avenue) across from Kohn School. My father owned the Eb-Rhodes Inn in Rosemoor and everyone in my family graduated from Fenger High School except me. My brother, Jack, played baseball for Fenger, and my sister, Georgia Lee (Jill) was a cheerleader for Fenger. My parents moved to Calumet Park in 1968 and I transferred to Eisenhower in Blue Island. Thanks to the great bus service, I was able to continue to spend time on the Ave. Roseland was a wonderful place to raise a family. There is nothing like it in today's world.
on Nov/02/2010 at 10:12

MARLENE BOERSMA--Hey Mar - glad to see you here on the site! It's Amy.
on Oct/30/2010 at 22:38

Hey You Guys.....I see where the fabulous Racines shouted out! We Cleeks lived at 109th Wabash & 105th Indiana. My oldest brother lived in Pullman. Kenneth Hastings you played catch with Tommy Wederman in front of his house and my apartment building on 105th Indiana.
Karen Carlson, did you have a brother named Eddie? Growing up in Roseland in 1960's was so much fun. As kids we were never inside the house....We had our neighborhoods, parks, stores, the Ave., and the alleys to explore. In the summer we had day camp at Palmer Park, Mendel bonfires & dances, the "Y" dances, State theather, and long blocks to walk, skate board, or bike. Our Mom's sent us to the corner grocery store that gave us accounts and as kids we could walk into our neighborhood corner bar for some Kayo pop and see our relatives sittting at the bar watching the ball game.
I loved those sweet days in Roseland, a place we can't seem to find anymore except here on this wonderful website. I'd give anything to catch the bus on Michigan Ave. with Ma and head toward the Ave for a day of shopping. Or, hang out with Beverly Racine and to see how much trouble we could find.....Stay true to your memories dear ones from Roseland....It helped make us all unique.
Messages : 701 to 709
Page : 78
Number of messages : 1764