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on Aug/07/2010 at 16:28

So wonderful to see this site about Roseland. I grew up on 110th and State Str. (1 block from White Castles) in the 1960's.
My father had Joe's Barber Shop on 119th Yale. He used to give Dick Butkis his hair cuts!

Would love to connect with some of the old people from Grade School, etc.

Got my 1st kiss in 1st grade by Scott Beauchamp in front of our school Van Vlissingon. It was exactly at that time that the Principle Walked out & saw us! He shook his finger at us!

Stayed til the early 70's & the Race Riots then off to the suburbs.

Would love to connect with Dawn Schexneider (matusek's granddaughter), Chick the hippy with the super long hair who cut it because I told him to and anyone else from the "Hood"!

on Jul/30/2010 at 16:45

Lived 12026 Perry looking for an old friend Carol Scalet What wonderful place to live.
on Jul/22/2010 at 14:31

It was called Roseland, but to the people that lived there, and loved it there we called it ''BUMTOWN''. Born in 1927, went to St. Anthony's School on Kensington, graduated in 1941, got married at St. Anthony's in 1948. We had eight grades and eight classrooms, the Sisters of St. Joseph taught us. Ask any of my classmates if they remember Sister Norbert, a 5 foot bundle of dynamite, especially if she took you to the cloakroom, need I say more. How about the Verdi show for a nickel, with that you got candy bar, an old comic book, and on the right days, dishes. Next door Pat and Matt's for penny candy, even better when you snuck in. When you got older you went to the Penguin, watched the Friday night fights on TV, along with a couple of beers and hard boiled eggs. Maybe you were going to Palmer Park to play baseball, football, basketball, or in winter ice skating, and you all walked, because no one had a car, and you really did not need one, everything was right there. Michigan Ave. State, Parkway and Roseland shows. How about the Mocambo, SFBI, Kingsbury Club, Venetian Hall, Parise's, Peasavento's, Ken and Dick's, Turner Hall, Pocrons, Polish Home. Home Store, Peoples Store, Panetti's, Bernardi's Italian Wine and Cheese, Napoli's, DalSanto's, Rago's, Joe's Barbershop, Gagliano's. The best place to play sports, St. Anthony School Yard. Run into a basketball post or iron fence, or the merry-go-round base. The guys that played there know what I am talking about, the cinder fields, all that played there had cinders in their palms or knees. Remember Tuesday Nites at Palmer, every diamond was filled, I played with the KYMAC's, St. Anthony Holy Name, 16 inch, 14 inch, 12 inch, regular hard ball. I could never be able to put down all that I remember about Bumtown, because there was so much. There will NEVER be another. To any of my classmates from the class of 1941, I say hello and wish you all the best. As guys in my era would say see ya on the corner.
Messages : 681 to 689
Page : 76
Number of messages : 1673