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on May/22/2014 at 21:16

Always felt while growing up in roseland from 1946 thru 1968 that when I got married I would raise my family there and as my kids would do also. Never had a bad thought about growing up in Roseland. Very active in the Little League from 1954 thru 1973. As player, then coach and finally manager. Mendel class of 1964. St Helena class of 1960. Dad, Ben Storako passed away 7 years ago at 90. Mom, Irene Masier Storako is still going strong at 92. She finally will be giving up her car to her great-grandaughter this coming weekend. Grew up on 105th Eggleston and seemed to live in Fernwood Park. Would love to hear from anyone from the area. God Bless and have a great Memorial Day Weekend and a safe summer.

WEBMASTER : Hello there Jerry Storako. I vaguely remember the Strako name. I lived over on 105th. & Normal Ave. From about 1942 until 1964. The people that did live over on Eggleston that I remember are the Bertetto family, Lund family, Hanson family, Galloway family, Ala family. Glad that you stopped in and signed the Guest Book.
on May/14/2014 at 11:38

spent the first 15 years living in a Pullman Block house then an apartment 1 block west of 114th State street. St Nicks -Swank Roller Rink--Roseland show every Saturday -I knew every store -crook and cranny on Michigan ave and yes being able to safely walk the streets and taking public transportation from the age of six on.
Keeping the Roseland and nearby neighborhoods history alive is appreciated.
Upsetting is the misuse of neighborhood names by the Chicago Tribune and ABCTV
ignoring the boundaries of neighborhoods lumping them into one common name ie
West Pullman --announcing street addresses as 11-100 instead of 11100 apparently never learning the Chicago Grid system.
So it's up to all of us to keep the records straight for the next generation.
My one regret is my children would never have the opportunity to grow up in Roseland .
Messages : 41 to 49
Page : 5
Number of messages : 1679