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on Mar/25/2014 at 09:19


Thought I try again. I have some pictures of All saints 10800 and state from the 1930's. Since this site is closed, any other place that I can send it to besides the Blazekas?
My mother Shirley Kaufman lived around 10100 Indiana, my father building is still standing at 10807 Michigan. They owned 7 building on Michigan ave in the old days. Her friend Lorene Panozzo is still around in Crestwood, 90 now I think. Fortunely I sent lots of pics and are on the site while it was going. I hope someone respons as I now have seen 4 people asking where they can add pictures and history.

WEBMASTER : Mark, what I would suggest is going to
That is a quite large group of people that grew up in the Roseland area. The name of the group is Remembering Old Roseland. You could even upload your pictures to the site all by yourself or ask for help in doing so if need be. Person to contact on there would be Don Bertetto.
on Mar/04/2014 at 14:33

Lived in Roseland from 1960 to 1972
on Mar/03/2014 at 18:34

Hi I was born in Roselands South Shore Hospital. My brother,Bill, and our sisters were raised there and attended All Saints School,Fenger,and Academy of Our Lady. I need your help.sister is April Zane.We moved to Frankfort in 1971,she disappeared from there in 1977.Two petitions are out there for her and other missing people.If you remember her as a friend or school mate,please contact me,I would love to hear the stories. Her Facebook is Missing April Zane the links to the petitions are as follows: ases-in-illinois/ and . Thank you,Sharonrose Zane-Neu
Messages : 11 to 19
Page : 2
Number of messages : 1629