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William Henry Davy was
born on November 7, 1909
in East St. Louis, St. Clair,
William (Bill) Married Hilda Lucy Krumrie on September 1, 1934 in Lawton, Michigan. They lived in Chicago, Ill. until Bill retired. They then moved to Lawton, Michigan. Bill & Hilda have six children. Donna, Judy, William, Harry, Alice & David.
Bill played football in
High School and was a
member of the Fenger High
School football team.
He could tell you stories
about his football playing
days and make you laugh
about some of the things
they used to do.
He once told me who "all"
of the players that are in
this picture, but all I can
remember is Bill (middle
bottom row) and the coach,
Dimmy Dixon.